Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's

late. Tatyasaheb Mahajan Arts and Commerce College

Chikhali - 443 201, Dist.-Buldana (MS)

Affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati

About Activities


  • Organised Dahihandi dated 10 August 2012
  • Formation of student’s Council

  • According to Maharashtra University law . Formation of student’s Council. One student from each class who has been shown academic merit at the examination held in the preceding year. One student who has been shown outstanding performance in each of the following activities shall be nominated by the principal.
    3) NCC
    4) Cultural activities & Two lady student’s nominated by the principal on the basis of their overall performance.

  • Formation of college student council date 25 Aug 2012
  • Elect the secretary of college student council by ballot dated 5 Sept 2012
  • Organised Ganesh Festival dated 19/9/2012 to 29/9/2012
  • Organised College Annual Gathering dated 31/12/2012 to 2/1/2013

  • 2013-14

  • Organised Dahihandi on dated 29 Aug.2013
  • Formation of Student Counsil On dated 25 Aug.2013
  • Elect the Secretery of college student counsil by ballot On dated 4 Sept.2013
  • Organised Ganesh Festival dated 9/9/2013 to 17/9/2013
  • Organised College Annual Gathering dated 07/1/2014 to 9/1/2014
  • Prof. Ulhas Bramhe
    Co- Ordinator

    Maitri Sangh

    Government of Maharashtra framed the concept of “ Maitri Sangh ” to implement the schemes of State and Central Government effectively for the scheduled castes and tribes for their social and economic upliftment to brings harmonious equality in the country. They make provision of funds on various heads but such schemes do not reach to the people . Hence government decided to involve college student and teachers for this purpose. In college students frrom SC / ST castes are selected to frame “ Maitri Sangh ” a group of student. Teachers work as nodel officers with the guidance of the principal.
    These students and teachers visit slum areas , villages and the people of SC / ST community reciding. They make orientation about the purpose and schemes of the government. They also make people aware of the importance of education, cleanliness, anti addiction etc.


    (1) In the year 2011-12 accordingly “ Maitri Sangh ” framed to work for the purposeof upliftment of the people. (1) on 26th June “Samajik Nyay din” was celebrated.
    (2) on 14 th September college uniforms were given to the needy and clever students of the college. Students were selected from various categories.

    • Miss. vaishali Pandit

    • Miss. Varsha Gawai

    • Miss. Ambika Kharat

    • Miss.Varsha Jadhao

    • Yogesh Jaiwal

    • Umesh Morey.

    3) Four students were send for the horticulture training to Talegaon Dabhade ( Puna ) Through Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Research and Training institute, Pune .In future they may start their “ Poly house ” “ Green house ” on farm with the government subsidized fundings

    • Dipin Wagh
    • Raju morey
    • Manoj Chavan
    • Sachin Gawai took training of BARTI.

    4) On 26 th November 2011 “ Sanvidhan Din ” Was celebrated Copies of preamble were distriduted to students and collective reading of the same took place. Adv.Kasture guided the students and staff on Indian constitution.
    5) On Dec.17, 2011 Maitri Sangh students and staff had organised orientation in Bhim Jyoti nagar and Kumbharwada to know them the various schemes of the government for their development.
    At the same time volunteers of Maitri Sangh do the same in other areas and villages.


    In the academic year 2012-13 a group of Twenty student were selected to frame “Maitri Sangh to work for the upliftment of down trodden people.”

  • 26 th June “ Samajik Nyay Din” was celebrated to know the students about Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj and his plans for the equality of all.
  • College uniform were given to the needy and clever students.
    1. Miss. Amrapali Awasarmol
    2. Ghanshyam Shete
    3. Sandip Bhithare
    4. Karti Shete
    5. Prashant Choudhari.
  • On 26 th Novmber 2012 “ Savidhan din ” was celebrated by distributing the copies of preamble to the student and making collective reading of the same.
  • On 6 th December collective homage was paid to the maker of Indian constitution Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar.
  • On 18 th December Maitri Sangh visited village Eklara in dalitvasti to know them about the schemes of the state and central government for them.
  • On 8 th January Maitri Sangh visited Bhimkranti nagar for the same Orientation.
  • Some proposals of “ Gharkul Scheme” of the economic down trodden people ( BPL) have been persuaded to the muncipality for the sanction.
    (1) Nandakishor Jagannath Pandit (OBC)
    (2) Digambar Uttamrao Ingle (OBC)
    (3) Dilip Ananda Gawai (SC)
    In this way, Maitri Sangh try to work to help government for the implementation of the schemes.

  • 2013-14

    Central and state Government implements various schemes for the upliftment of scheduled castes and tribes. Goverment expects colleges to help for the orientation of the people for the Same. College frames “Maitri sangh” of twenty students of the college. Principal, Professors and students go to the slum area and villages to aware the people.
    This year following programmes took place.
    1] On 26 June “Samajik Nyay Din”
    2] On 26 Oct. Visit to slum area - siddarth nagar.
    3] On 26 Nov. “Savidhan Din”
    4] On 6 Dec. Mahaparinirvan Din.
    5] On 4 Jan 2014 Bhimkranti Nagar Dalitvasti visit.
    6] On 31 Jan 2014 - Nagsen Buddha Vihar Orientation of women.

    Subhash G. Raut
    Co- Ordinator

    Adult and Continuous Education

    As per the guidelines of the university college has established “ Adult and continuous Education” to conduct programmes useful to the society. It aims to focus on essential and current burning issues of the society. Like literacy mission , addiction, women harrashment, atrocity, gender discrimination, female foeticide, water conservation, law literacy and such other issues are handled.
    In the year 2011-12 following programmes took place.
    1. On 24 sept.2011 Prof. Ashok Jadhao Dhabekar college, Karanja was invited as a chief guest for the program of “Women Reservation”.
    2. Program of “Introduction Indian constitution” chief guest was Prof. J. J. Jadhao, , from Shri Shivaji College Chikhli, on 1sept. 2011.
    3. On 17 jan 2012,prof Dr. Mrs. V.R.Kakde, jijamata college Buldana, was invited for the speech on “women Rights”.
    4. Program of “population Education” was held and chief guest was Prof. J. D. Kande, Shivaji College Chikhli.
    Prof.R.P.Deshmane - Co-ordinator
    Prof .S.G.Raut - Member
    Prof.V.K.wakode - Member


    In the year 2012-13 I was allotted the charge of this committee . sticking up to the aims of the committee we organize some programmes
    1) On 30 August 2012 Adv. Amrapali Kasture was invited for the orientation of students on “ Social Rights and Responsibilities of Women ”
    2) On 10 th October 2012 Adult and continuous education committee and NSS collaborately organised a grand rally for the awarness of society about female foeticide.
    Subhash G. Raut - Co- Ordinator
    R.P.Deshmane - Members
    N.K. Gaikwad - Members

    Communication Skills In English

    We have been running “ Communication Skills in English ” that U.G.C. granted us in the year 2008-09. It has proved to be very fruitful for the students. U.G. Student of any stream can enroll for this course and galvanize their courage in respect of English.
    Many guest lectures & regular lectures we organise every year. Students can easily be impressed by the experiences of proficient scholaras that make them concious and practical in life. Every year we also organize.“ Educational Tour” this year (2012-13 ) we paid visit to B.S. Patil Arts, Com. College Paratwada, for seeking and grasping more knowledge .If the students take sinecere participation in this course it is sure that they will have tremendous opportunities waiting for them.

    Principal of our college Dr. A. B. Tare guides us. Asst. Prof. S.D. Morey is working as a Co-Ordinator for this course.


    E-Commerce Certificate Course, Diploma Course & Advance Diploma approved by UGC Delhi & SGB Amravati University since 2008-09.
    Today’s age is the age of Information Technology. The college has started E-Commerce education to provide knowledge in detail above computers, internet network, browsers with training to the students.
    Many students enroll for E-Commerce from Commerce stream & Art stream. The guest lecture has been organized by us and arranged regular classes. The student visited Devigiri Engineering College, Aurangabad to seek guidance about trading, e-billing. We were also arranged an Industrial tour. E-Commerce course provides us how to do trading from home by using internet, how do we purchase and sell things by using internet? How can we pay through e-payment?, etc. We can make overall development of students through educating them on using internet.

    Prof. Ramesh Deshmane has been working as a co-ordinator of E-Commerce Course.
    We get the well guidance from Principal Dr. Abhay Tare sir from time to time.

    R.P. Deshmane
    Co- Ordinator

    Staff Academy

    Staff academy is started in 2007-08 in the college. The in of starting staff academy is to get the information about seminar, confernce from profession who attend or present paper. Paper in seminar and confernce .Through this activity professor try to enrich their knowlege about various aspects.
    This year following programes were arrenged.
    1. Prof. Purohit geave speech on owmen empowerment through self helf group on 01/10/2012
    2. In college staff academy, staff hailed Prof. Purohit for getting Rashriya Vikas Ratna award on 31/10/212.
    3. In college staff academy staff hailed Principal D. Abhay Tare with the hand of Secretary of our institution Mr. Premraj Bhala for selection on commerce board on 11/12/2012.
    4. In college staff academy staff hailed Dr. Kedar Thosar for getting Ph.D. on 11/12/2012
    5. In college staff academy staff hailed Dr. Pravin Raghuvanshi for informal Visit.
    6. In college staff academy staff hailed Dr. Prafulla Gawai for geting Ph.D. on

    Parents Meet & Gathering


    To develop warm relationship between College/Institute and Parents, College every year organises parents meet. In the last session/year the activity of parents meet took place from Sept.2013 to Jan.2014. During this compagin Teachers paid visit to 26 villages and 19 areas in the city and all together made contact with 432 parents.
    On 19th Oct.2013 College organised 'Parents Gathering' at 10:00 am and Twenty Two (22) parents were present there.

    Prof. D. P. Mahajan
    Co- Ordinator

    Birth Anniversary & Death Anniversary of Social Reformers & National Leaders

    During the 2013-14 academic year the college have successfully organise. The celebration of Birth/Death Anniversaries to seminar their work for the betterment of every Indian.
    1st. Aug. 2013 - Birth Anniversary of Lokshahir Annabhau Sathe & Death Anniversary of Late.Bal Gangadhar Tilak
    2nd Oct. 2013 Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi & Ex.Prime Minister Lalbahadur Shastri.
    6th Dec. 2013 - Mahaparinirvan Din was organised of Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar.
    3rd Jan 2014 - Celebrated the Birth Anniversary of Savitribai Fule.
    12th Jan. 2014 - Youth Day in the honour of Swami Vivekanand Birth Anniversary & on the same day celebrated the Birth Anniversary of Maa Jijau.
    19th Feb. 2014 - Birth Day of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was celebrated having overwhelming response from teaching,non-teaching & student community.
    11th April 2014 - College have organised Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Jotiba Fule.
    14thApril2014 - The Day of Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar's Birth Anniversary. The grand program was organised for celebration of Birth Anniversary of Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar.

    Prof. A. S. Purohit
    Co- Ordinator

    Organisation of Workshops & Seminar 2013-14

    1 Organised workshop on Journalism on dated 3rd Jan.2014
    2 Organised workshop on Women Empowerment on dated 7th Feb.2014
    3 Organised workshop on " StriBhrun Hatya " on dated 11th Jan.2014

    Dr. P. U. Gawai
    Co- Ordinator

    Nature & Environmental Club 2014-15

    Department of Environmental Science & Nature Club organized one day workshop on snake awareness on 8 August 2014. Pathan sir Buldana , Avinash Gawai & group guided to the students.

    Prof. Vijay Wakode
    Prof. Nagesh Gaikwad
    Co- Ordinator