Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's

late. Tatyasaheb Mahajan Arts and Commerce College

Chikhali - 443 201, Dist.-Buldana (MS)

Affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati

Department of English

   English is a compulsory subject for both the faculties, Arts and Commerce. So the term "Compulsory English" came into practice. The syllabus and curriculum are framed by University. The emphasis is given on the study of language. Books prescribed are of prose, poetry and language exercises. They are of language through literature. Comparatively, special importance is attached to the study of English, and therefore, there is a provision for special workload designed by university itself. For every class there are theory and tutorial periods. Tutorials is a special treatment for Compulsory English; one period a week, for the batch of 20 students. In a unit of one teacher and twenty taught there is a good deal of participation of learners. The concept is that whatever is taught and learnt in a week would be revised. It is a kind of good feedback. Naturally, the number of teaching staff is larger than that of any similar subject.
   The college has been established in the year 1965. From the very beginning, two full-time posts were created. Principal N.B. Vaidya was M.A. in English and so a workload of 04 periods in a week was allotted to him. Prof. Pande assisted him and he had a full workload of 20 periods a week. In the year 1967, Principal N.B.Vaidya resigned his post and left Chikhli, for Nagpur. Prof. Pande, too, left the college for better prospects. In the beginning of academic year 1967-68, Prof. M. B. Bhale and Shri Satpute joined, but Shri Satpute left just in a year. So, Shri M.T. joshi from Junior College wing was given additional workload, which he continued till his retirement in1991. Shri M. B. Bhale – Head of the Department got retired in 2005. Since then Dr. K. A.Thosar is working as the head. Mrs. Smita S. Deshmukh worked from 1993 to 1997. Shri. K. A. Thosar in 1996, Shri S. G. Raut in 1998 and Shri S. D. More in 2008 joined as Lecturer in English and are working till the date.
   Alongwith Compulsory English , the institute introduced English Literature and Functional English in 1997 AND 1998. Both the subjects had good number of admissions. On demand of some students, M.A.English was started in 2003, but closed in 2008, due to decreasing number of admissions and financial constraints. For some years, appointments on clock-hour-basis were made to do the remaining work of teaching. For Functional English and M. A. English, some lectures of experienced visiting teachers were arranged. At present, Compulsory English and English Literature are the 02 subjects available in the department. In 2021, Research Center in English has started Ph D Course Work. In this way the Department of English is active in the process of teaching-learning evaluation and research.
   In order to make class-room teaching effective and obtain students' active participation in the process of teaching and learning, we arrange question-answer sessions, seminars, and group discussions.
   Two unit tests and a terminal examination in the first session and two unit tests and terminal examination in the second session are carried out. The final examination is as per university pattern. This process of evaluation helps students to equip them for facing university examination. These activities encourage those who have cult and interest in the subject. Thus we try to give maximum justice to the students who opt for English Literature and Functional English.