Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's

late. Tatyasaheb Mahajan Arts and Commerce College

Chikhali - 443 201, Dist.-Buldana (MS)

Affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati

Department of Marathi

    Buldana district is considered as a backward district of Maharashtra. In a small town like Chikhli in such an area, 65 years ago, the 'Shikshan Prasarak Mandal' was established in the year 1956 by the people working inspired by national ideas. Thus, educational opportunities were provided to the students of the rural areas who were educationally backward. The institute decided to establish a senior college immediately after the development of the institute. Tatyasaheb Mahajan College of Arts and Commerce, established on 20th June 1965, provided an opportunity for higher education to the students of rural areas. There were so many colleges under Nagpur University then that you could count on your fingers. Tatyasaheb Mahajan College of Arts and Commerce, Chikhli is permanently affiliated with Sant Gadge baba Amravati University since 1983.

   Since the beginning of the college, along with 'Marathi Compulsory', 'Marathi Literature' is taught as an optional subject in the college. Prof. A great personality like Balasaheb Dixit helped to teach the subject of Marathi and Marathi literature from the very beginning. In his collaboration Prof. Vilas Doifode was also an expert professor in this college till 1967. Prof. After Doifode resigned, between 01 July 1970 and 01 July 1972 Prof. Shakuntala Deshpande took this responsibility on his shoulders. After that Prof. Padmatai Pathak was working as Head of Department from 01 August 1972. She retired in the year 2000. All these congregations also worked in many social organizations. As Balasaheb Dixit National

   Acted as the Vidarbha chief of the AAPVIP who was driven by ideas and took the students as his focal point. He further served as the Principal of the college from 01 July 1990 to 30 April 2000 and then retired.Prof. Padmatai Pathak also made the same A.B.V.P. Worked in the organization as well as a member of the National Executive of the Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh. He raised issues related to women in many conventions. M.Phil in Nagpur University in 1989-90 on 'National Thought of Natyacharya Jaishankar Prasad and Krishnaji Prabhakar Khadilkar'. done Sunanda Revse worked in this department from November 1, 1992 to August 1996. He resigned from the job. Later, from 01 August 1998 Prof.Dr. Subhash Gyanaba Gavane is working in this department. He also did M.Phil. and his M.Phil topic is 'On the Shore of Imagination - A Physician's Study'. He has also cleared the SET exam. He has worked in Pundalik Maharaj College, Nandura on the same posts for 4 years. He has obtained the Acharya degree in 2017 with the topic 'Chaptering the Changing Agricultural Economy' for his Acharya degree. Currently, Acharya is working as the guidance of the degree. Total 06 students are doing research work under his guidance. Dr. Subhash Gavane is successfully working as the Executive Principal of the college since 1st Oct. 2019.In this department, Dr. Prafulla Gavai joined on 29 September 2003. He cleared NET in Dec 2000 and got Acharya degree in 2013. His subject of Acharya degree is "Sixties Vaidharbiya Dalit Poetry, a Therapeutic Study". He is also the guidance of Acharya degree. Total 8 students are doing research work under his guidance. As the department got such a scholarly and socially oriented person, the students also benefited from it for sure.

Due to the availability of subject experts and professors from the beginning, the combination of study, teaching, teaching and hard work has been seen here.

The library was increased from that point of view. Bringing rare books to the library and its

The professor should study first and tell the importance of that book to the students

Here is the order. 'Ankur' mural to give scope to latent qualities in students,

'Vidya' Annual, Essay Writing Competition, Marathi, Literary Board, Drama, Elocution Competition, Seminar E. Activities have been and are being run on behalf of the department.*Usefulness of the subject*-

If anything is the basis of the development of human culture, it is language. language

Humans are a means of communication. Language is through speech moment by moment throughout life expressed. That means it is as important as breath. Therefore, it is clean, pure and clean inside and out Should be neat. It expresses individuality. Forms the image of man.

Our level is understood through language. We strive to be of the highest standard.

Literature is about language and literature is a mirror of society. The face of society

It exists in literature and the reflection of literature falls on the society. Keep a mirror for that takes Therefore, these materials should be preserved, viewed, displayed, preserved, practiced Our department made this sincere effort to bring and study. is doing

1) *Essential Subjects in Marathi*

Marathi as a subject in both Arts and Commerce branches in all the three years is as a required subject. The question paper of this subject is of 100 marks for all the three classes of Arts. Whereas for commerce branch, the question paper is of 100 marks in the first year and 50 marks in the second and third year. Out of which 80% marks are written examination and 20% marks are internal evaluation.