Shikshan Prasarak Mandal's

late. Tatyasaheb Mahajan Arts and Commerce College

Chikhali - 443 201, Dist.-Buldana (MS)

Affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati

About Awards

Conditions for the Award of Conncessions:
  1. Scholarship is dependent on satisfactory progress, regular attendance and conduct of the scholar. It is reported to the head of the institution of the scholar. has by reasons of his/her own act or default failed to show satisfactory progress or has been guilty of misconduct such as resorting to or participating in strikes, irregularity in attendance, the authority may cancel the scholarship or stop or with hold further payments.
  2. (a) All backword class students (SC/ST/NT/) are considerad eligble for the (Govt. of India scolarship as per Govt Rules
    (b) refundable fees and other fees not re-imbursed by the Govt. will have to be paid to the students.
    (c) Scholarships will be paid to the students according to the Governments rates.

  3. (a) Students with a break in studies should submit a gap Certificate in the form of an affidavit stating te reasong for the gap.
    (b) Students who have received the Govt. of India scholorship in the previous year and have passed te annual Examination are also required to submit the application forms. their cases will be reported to Divisional social welfare officer Amravati by the college for the renewal of scholarship.
  4. E.B.C. concession students whose parents income is less than Rs. 15.000/- p.a. are declared as economically backward. Their fees are reimbursed by the stute Goverment. However, such students have to apply in the prescribed form (to be obtained from the collee office together with an Income certificate signed by the Revenue officer not below the rank tahsildar an attested true copy of marksheep of the last examinatio immediately after he/she is admitted to the College . E.B.C. concession shall be finally decided at the end of the session on the basis of regular attendance which should not be less than 75% ad satisfactory progress in the monthly unit test and test examinations.
  5. Application forms for EBC, PTC and other concesslons are available in the market. applicants should fill in such forms and submit them to the college with necessary documents at the time of admission.